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What Does Capricorn Space Offer?

At Capricorn Space we want your mission to be a successful one. Our initial ground segment capability has been purposely designed to support LEO and MEO missions and caters for the burgeoning SmallSat market as well as large NGSO (Non Geo Stationary Orbit) constellations. Our sites have been purposely selected sites to take advantage of Australia’s geographical expanse enabling us to service more passes per day than most other ground networks.

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Additionally, Capricorn Space notes that many operators wish to establish their own capability within Australia and therefore offers a ‘Landlord’ service where we provide infrastructure (real-estate, power, communications, security as well as Level 1 Maintenance and Regulatory support) and the tenants simply bring along their own equipment for which they operate remotely. To use a hotel analogy, we supply the rooms whilst you check-in as our guests. This service is aimed at both commercial and government entities.

Whether its air-time on our ground network or access to infrastructure that you require, we can assist you.

Why Would I Use Capricorn Space?

It’s all about the data!

Capricorn Space with its unique southern hemisphere coverage enables operators to download data more frequently and improve the speed-to-market of time critical information. End Users will receive time-sensitive data from their spacecraft with the minimum of delay and ahead of the competition.

Other operators will see benefit in expanding their reach from just northern hemisphere coverage to true global coverage. Also by utilising Capricorn Space’s ground network, Operators can focus on his/her core objective of building and operating a space platform – concentrate on the satellite and mission objective and leave the ground segment to us.

Alternatively, you may require infrastructure for locating your own ground segment equipment. Our sites have been specifically selected and designed to accommodate third party systems – we can provide the physical and logistical support necessary for you to operate your own southern hemisphere ground network. We also understand the Australian Regulatory environment.

Already we have secured project funding, obtained Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) licences to operate in key frequency bands, established key partnerships, identified land in the east and west of the country and commenced long-lead procurement activities with equipment suppliers.

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Capricorn Space’s location provides clients with unparalleled data access while bringing
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